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GO PLAY! That's our motto. At Gel Blaster, we believe that getting outside and playing is the key to a happy and healthy life, no matter your age. Our main goal is to bring people together: children, friends, families, you name it. 

Gel Blaster allows for epic battles without leaving any mess. Thanks to the innovative technology, tidying up is no longer an issue. The gellets are made of a hydrophilic polymer that bursts on impact, evaporates and is barely painful.

Gel Blaster is an Austin, Texas based company that makes high quality Gel Blasters and fun accessories. Colin Guinn, the founder and CEO of Gel Blaster Inc., was previously the CEO of DJI North America, the world's leading manufacturer of recreational drones.


Gel Blasters in Switzerland

You are currently visiting in the official Gel Blaster webshop in Switzerland, operated by Miyagi AG. Here you will always be the first to know about the latest Gel Blaster original products and you can have them sent to your home from the Swiss warehouse within a few days.

Stay tuned and have a blast!